Silly Anna

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We live
We breathe
We eat
We sleep
We run
We stumble
We fall
We love
All at once
Hoping to start all over tomorrow
All just to die

Why do we complicate things

The beautys in life are all  quite simple

We overcompicate our relationships

Our jobs



We make the simple things difficult

Hard to understands

Are our minds that full of wasted space

That the only thing we can do is waste our time overthinking

If you love someone

Don’t make an excuse

Be with them

Run to them

Let them be with you

If you don’t like your job

Find a new one


Start a new one

Search for what makes you happy

What always will

The thing that will always give you joy

No matter what happens in your life

Embrace it

Feel it

Who cares if your rich

If your not happy

Afterall no mere amount of money in this world

Will buy you happiness

The love of a good woman

Or a good man

It may bring you stability

Why do we find money





To be more important than those we love

Than our person

Than our families

Than our passion



A work of art

An engaging novel

A tear wrenching play

An Oscar winning movie

The last note in a number one

The pitch perfected

The last stroke of a brush

The last word on the page

The tear in the actors eye

The roar of the crowd

The sophistication of an audiance

That stands in wonder

Taking in a marvelous work

I think we forget that the finished product

Isn’t the masterpiece

The author

The artist

The singer

 The writer

The musician

The actor

Those are the masterpieces

Without them there would be nothing great

Their would be no gallories

No libraries

No stories

No movies

No theaters

There would be no adventure

No passion in love

We are all masterpieces

Awaiting our turn

Waiting to prove our worth

Waiting to show our passion

Our love

Our beauty


We stumble

We trip

We fall

Yet we refuse to falter

Refuse to give up

Refuse to let go

Refuse to stay down

We hop back up

Knowing we will trip again

Yet for some reason

We hope that we won’t

That just might be what makes us



What gives us reason

Without hope

There is no victory


Passion is a word

Without clear definition

A definition without feeling

All that is given

How do you read

What an artist feels when they paint

What a writer feels when they write

What a musician feels when he plays

What a singer feels singing

What a teacher feels when teaching

What a dog feels when playing with their person

How do you define a feeling

A force within

That overtakes you

Something you can’t control

Something that creates a high

Yet will never be illegal

Something that runs our lives

Seeking our goals

New opportunities

To engage with that passion


How do you define such a word


Everyday we try

To create something new

To be a different person

To shape who we want to be

To see in a different view

To be better than before

To be like another

To finally find perfectiion

What if perfection however,

Is merely imperfection?

We would all be perfection

After all how do you know perfection

Without first knowing imperfection

Flaws are our individual

What make us, us

What distinguishes between persons

Makes us seek more

Crave more

Learn more

What if Imperfection

Is merely perfection

In disguise

Every Time

Every time I love it gets better than before. 
The man is better in every way than the last.
This time I think I’ve met my match.
So much alike it’s impossible
Our boots worn out
Covered in mud
T-shirts stained and ripped
Jeans covered in dirt
Our sweet tooth calls for the same recipe
Hearts so stubborn you’d never know
Minds overworked
Words left unspoken
Hands that work better than the tong 
Producing a language all their own
Baseball caps and summer heat
Shades to hide from the world
Would you mind if I may
Just one more time God
Everyday fall in love
Every time better than before
With just this one boy

I Wonder

Something I wonder all the time. 
If suddenly I were sick. 
Hurt on accident.

A crash.

Who would be at my side waiting for me to wake?
Who would pray for my health? 
Who would fall asleep crying? 
Whose face would I see first? 
Whose name would I cry out? 
I know who I’d want that person to be.

I know who I’d be crying for. 
I know whose bed I’d be passed out on. 
I know who I’d be praying for. 
I know I’d be there if it was you. 
I hope you’d be happy it was me there next to you.
I hope my face is the 1st you want to see. 
I hope you’d cry out for me. 
I just hope if anything happens it’s you who’s next to me.
Without a moments hesitation.
For the rugged face I see to be yours.
Your handsome crooked grin.
Those pale green eyes sometimes blue.
Dark brown hair.
Covered by the cap I gave to you.


All I’ve ever wanted
All I’ve ever searched for
So close yet always so far
Separated by time and distance
Never allowed to love at peace
Never allowed more than a moment

How is it possible?

All it took was a moment
A moment to know it was you
A moment to fall 
A moment to love
The distance 
The time
Causes pain in between
Don’t fear the moment
Fear the in between
Don’t worry about the petty fights
The over caring on both sides
The freak outs
Due to the separation
The distance
The time
All I want is you
What I’ve been searching for
The heart that matches my own
The one my own calls out for
The want for that moment the next time
When I see you
To wrap my legs around 
Your waste
To see you smile
Admitting all you do not say
All I know without you saying
All I never need to hear in words
2 hearts that beat as one
Never need the words
They have so much less meaning
To brush my hair behind my ear
Brushing all my fears away
Gently lay your hand on my cheek
To kiss me 
Like you never stopped
Like stopping would mean the end
Like that one kiss could change the world
Or at least our world
All I want is to be yours
All I ever will be freely
I used to think nothing was harder
Harder than you being gone
Harder than never seeing you
This is harder
Acting like you mean nothing
When in reality
You mean everything