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There is only doubt about tomorrow
A hidden right in every problem
We hope today will guarantee
A brighter tomorrow
A better day
The peak yet to be reached
We hope the marriage
Will surpass the wedding
The promotion to surpass
The job
The child to surpass expectation
Their life to be more influencial
Than their birth
We hope for more than
The greatest joys
We hope for tomorrow to come
For it to surpass the joy of today
Yet all we have is the doubt
That it never will
That the marriage will crumble
The couple will fight
Become just another statistic
To add to the increasing
Rate of divorce
That they will give up on the love like so many others
The promotion is just another job
Working day to day
With no hope of a free tomorrow
More work
Less vacation
Still insufficient pay
Working for more meaning
We doubt the greatness in each child
We forgot to nourish greatness
Assume they will be just another
Another number to add to population
They’ll drop out
Do things wrong
Make mistakes
Forget to learn
They all start out today
Full of love
Full of devotion
Full of hope
Full of joy
Yet there is no today without tomorrow
Accepting today and facing tomorrow
Must be done without sorrow
You never know when today
Will be your last tomorrow


The fear of death
No more than blindness
Surrounded by an erie darkness
We have no way to know
What death may be
Is it darkness
Is it light
Is it just another life
Are we then who we are now
Do we see what has yet to be
Do we see the lives of those
Do we play another part
Our lives preserved in others hearts
Who are we to fear
A death unknown
To that of the living


There’s water in my eyes That sometimes pours over
The words unsaid will never compare
If I live to see tomorrow I hope you understand
Words left unspoken were guarded by my heart
I hope you see the water fall from my eyes
I hope you hear the charming laughter
The things that mean the most
While words were made man
These were made by god


The only thing I’ve ever been is honest and true.
I don’t know how I got to you.
I’m broken down
I’ve lost all charm
I have no money
Or fame
I already lost the game
I’ve lost all hope for a better tomorrow
My days forever to be filled with sorrow
You crushed my walls
Burrowed into my heart
I guess that’s my fault
After all I gave you the tools to start

Stolen Smile

All it took was a thought
To bring a smile to her face
One you can’t replace
To teach her all she thought she knew
Opened the doors
To unlock the world a new
The smile drew him back
The one they thought was lost
The one they never realized
Was so easily found
He loved her from day one
He never thought she’d break
That she could fall from that high
Her love, her laughter, sense of adventure
It faded into a false oblivion
She drifted into a false reality
He never had a way to know
She was gone
No mans land
No ground on which to stand
Everyday loosing her love
Loosing herself
He found her in a distant state
She saw him
Scared knowing
That with her smile she was lost
Thus was he
All it took was a thought
To bring a smile to her face
The thought of him
His lasting embrace
His laughter
His drive
His fear
His love
The smile no one could replace
The smile that brought him home
All due to the memory of his own


Every day we waste our time
Watch time as it passes us by
The seconds
The minutes
The hours
Then we find ourselves
Chasing the lost moment
A moment you never get back
The moment that holds you
That will hold you forever
It slows time
Creates pain
Causes anguish
Has a heartbeat all it’s own
When you finally realize
It’s the one that matters
It’ll already be too late
The one who stood beside you
Will be long gone


Love will never fade
She will always be the one
Will always be yours
She’ll move on
When you realize
She’s the girl
She’ll have found comfort in another
Your arms will feel barren
Even with another
You’ll be alone
In a world full of people
No other will bring you safety
No other will bring you peace
No other will bring you home
You’ll be lost in that moment
The one you wasted


Do we live each day just to see the end?

Forgetting it could be our last.

Do we relish every moment?

Knowing for many it is their last.

Do we rush the little things that mean the most?

Forgetting it’s the little things that matter.

Do we realize what we are missing?

By living everyday like it’s just another day.

Nothing spectacular.

Nothing new or meaningful.

Do we appreciate those around us?

The ones who love and cherish us.

Do we live today for tomorrow, or do we see the hope in today?

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